Mood Boards

Mood Board 01: Stable

The images chosen represent strength and determination. The typefaces used are san-serifs that are bold and support the idea of strength. The messages used in the ads also convey a strong sense of identity and standing for what you believe in (Nike Kaepernick ad).

Mood Board 02: Inviting

The images chosen represent the sense of community and emphasize an inviting tone. The messages on the ads support the inviting tone by using phrases like “we,” and “club”. These messages are paired with the use of multiple people in a group setting in their ads. The logo type for the Livestock run club also uses multiple people but with illustrations. The Rhino and Bird uses multiple creatures in a friendly and simple illustrative way.

Visual Elements


Using primary research, a common thread found was how the current Cliffhanger logo was too reminscent of the 90's. The visual elements could not scale to modern day devices and the type was not consistent on their physical and digital platforms.


The visual element for the rebrand takes inspiration from the holds in the indoor climbing gym and the lines that form in topographic maps. Rotating the type on its vertical axis creates the visual for "hanging". Using a condesned san-serif, "Block Gothic RR" to support the idea of stability and keep the type scalable with the visual elements.



The current Cliffhanger logo's lack of flexibility made it difficult to scale it proportionatly to the body copy. It also made for a static logo that could only be used in one way.


The flexibility of the rebranded Cliffhanger logo makes it possible to have more creative freedom with it's placement. This supports the idea of adventure by placing the visual elements around the stationery to guide the eye as if it were a path. This reflects the idea of holds in indoor climbing gyms.



The current Cliffhanger branding is not consistent throughout digital and print platforms. Usability of website is confusing leaving users on pages with no call to action.


The flexibility of the rebranded logo helps keep the message creative while maintaining the Cliffhanger identity. This creates new ways of displaying the interface with the branding. Placing key information with the call to action while keeping the users experience focused and accomplished on a minimal amount of pages.